Many people find themselves in situations, including arguments and violence, they wouldn’t normally be involved in

1) an increased heart rate, up to 3 times that of taking
alcohol or cocaine alone, the heart working overtime

When the heart beats faster it’s less efficient and supplies less blood to the rest of the body and itself. The increased heart rate also steps up oxygen demand for the heart and makes it work harder which can lead to a heart attack. This can happen no matter how young or fit you are.

2) more impulsive decision making and increased aggression, the head working overtime

Mixed with alcohol, cocaine can fuel aggression and unusual behaviour. Many people find themselves in situations including arguments and violence they wouldn’t normally be involved in. So you may not just feel the love, you may feel the hate too

Anything that slows down our ability to make decisions and co-ordinate things properly is a genuine hazard. A drunken person will generally pass out or fall asleep at some point before doing any harm to themselves, someone mixing cocaine and alcohol will generally be conscious for longer, irrational for longer and at risk for longer.

3) an increased chance of sudden death

With the heart working extra fast due to the cocaine in your system, it is susceptible to failure and the increased risk of a stroke. Cocaine also constricts the arteries, drinking increases this effect.