Cocaine Overdose

There is the rumour that you can’t overdose on cocaine, but that’s exactly what it is...a rumour.

Death by overdosing on cocaine is not uncommon

Death by overdosing on cocaine is not uncommon.

Cocaine overdose can be characterised by:

MODERATE: Babbling, heavy paranoia, pale or clammy skin, clenched jaw, aggression, the shakes, racing pulse.

SERIOUS: Can’t focus eyes, vomiting, foaming at the mouth, pressure/tightness in chest, can’t talk, can’t walk, violent.

SEVERE: Seizures, unconscious, choking or gurgling, not breathing, no pulse.

There is no inevitability that overdose should be fatal – indeed many people have multiple non-fatal overdoses prior to fatal overdose. But evidence would show that the more overdoses you have the more likely you are to have a fatal one.

Not forgetting that cocaine is an illegal drug, you also may want to think about...

  • The route of administration - where has the banknote been that is just about to go up your nose?
  • How many people, not including the friends you are using with right now, have used that banknote and potentially had a small bleed, almost undetectable? Are you now sharing their blood?
  • Cocaine is a very effective local anaesthetic; it numbs areas it comes into contact with, if you can’t feel pain how would you know if you had done any damage to yourself?